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General Information
  • All absences for all employees will be entered in Absence Management, regardless of whether or not that employee’s position or absence requires a substitute.
  • This document serves to introduce an employee or substitute to the basic navigation of the Aesop homepage. For specifics on entering absences, approving absences, filling absences, etc. please refer to those manuals.

Absence Management Vocabulary
  • Campus User: A school or department’s Principal or Admin Secretary, responsible for approving absences.
  • Employees: A school district employee with set hours and wages.
  • Substitute: A temporary school district employee who fills in for a permanent school district employee.

Follow these instructions to get to know Absence Management.
  • Download the full Campus User-Guide at bottom right.
  • Download the full Campus User-Mobile Guide at bottom right.


  1. Sign in to Absence Management at the top of the page using the ID and PIN provided by the Mat-Su Borough School District. If you forgot your log in information, contact the IT department at 907-761-4357.


  2. Your personal homepage loads. See the next page for descriptions of the various homepage sections.
    1. Navigation:
      1. At any point, selecting “Dashboard” will bring you back to this screen – your homepage.
      2. Selecting “Logout” in the drop down menu next to your name will immediately log you out. As you move to different screens in Absence Management (to view the calendar, report an absence, etc.) the Navigation bar will expand to show where you are in the system.
    2. Daily Report:
      1. The Daily Report shows filled and unfilled vacancies for your school for the day that you select
      2. This Daily Report also shows absences that require no sub that day
    3. Alerts and Questions:
      1. Any notifications from the District that are pertinent to all employees will appear on your screen when you initially log into Absence Management and can be viewed again by clicking on Alerts tab in the top right hand corner of the home page.
      2. This may include notes about school closures, information from the Payroll Department, etc.
      3. If you have issues with Absence Management or need assistance, contact information is provided in the top right corner of your home page under “? Help”This tab allows you to check out the learning center and find out how to utilize reports and resources in Absence Management through articles and visual tutorials.
    4. Dashboard Menu: The home tool bar menu contains the following sections:
      1. “Absences” allows you to create absences and vacancies for other employees or yourself, modify vacancies, approve vacancies, and reconcile absences.
      2. “Reports” Allow you to pull reports on absences for your school, information about your site employees and substitutes, your school’s call history, and the option to build custom reports in Report Writer.
      3. “Settings” Displays your school’s general information, time settings, preferred substitutes list, excluded substitutes list, and allows you to post shared documents for all subs to view. This is a great place to upload an emergency sub plan.
    5. Quick Actions: Quick actions allows you to search for a confirmation number to quickly locate an absence/vacancy that needs to be edited, create an absence, create a vacancy, approve an absence/vacancy, or reconcile absences quickly.
    6. “Veritime” Allows you to add additional hours worked by an employee outside of their normal schedule, run payroll summary reports and time sheet review.

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