Campus User - How Absence Management Job Visibility Works


Follow these instructions to check job visibility for a specific substitutes.


  1. Sign in to Absence Management using the ID and PIN provided by the Mat-Su Borough School District.

  2. From your homepage, click on the “Settings” tab at the top of the page. When the “Setting” options drop down, select “School” and “Preferred Substitutes.”

  3. Once the Preferred Substitutes page loads, you will see that your school settings are set for your preferred substitutes to have 80% lead time on a job. A sub on your schools preferred list can see a job up to 120 days in advance in Absence Management online. The Absence Management phone system starts calling 16 hours prior to a position, minus the hours that Absence Management does not call from 10:00pm to 5:30 am.

  4. The employee’s top five preferred subs are set to see the job with 100% lead time in Absence Management in order to give the employee’s preferred substitutes list 20% more of a chance to accept the job.

  5. In order to check the subs visibility to see a job, you can click on the Visibility Calculator.

  6. A Visibility Calculator screen pops up and allows you to enter the date and time that the absence starts and ends. This calculates when specific sub groups can see an absence at each percentage of lead time. If a substitute is not a preferred sub for your school’s or employee’s preferred sub list, subs visibility of jobs will be set to the District’s default of 65% visibility lead time.

    1. As you can see in the screen above, the absence percentages change depending on how far in advance the absent is entered in the system. In this absence, the employee’s preferred sub list would see the absence at 4:03 pm on 3/24/17. The school’s preferred sub list would see the absence starting on 3/24/17 at 07:53 pm. Then all subs would see the absence starting on 3/24/17 at 10:46 pm.
  7. The Absence Management phone system only starts calling subs 16 hours prior to a position, minus the non-call times from 10:00pm to 5:30am. If a sub is not on a preferred sub list and only has 65% visibility lead time in the general sub pool, a sub will not start receiving calls until 35% of the visibility of the job is over. For example, if you put in a job at 4:05pm on 3/24/17, the day before an absence starts, and the absence starts at 11:00am, the 65% visibility mark is 10:42pm on 3/24/2017. The sub would be able to see the information online, but the phone system does not call between 10:00pm and 6:00am, so the sub would not start receiving calls again for this job until 6:00am.

  8. That is why we stress the importance of adding subs to your school’s sub list or having the teachers add schools to their preferred sub list, so that the positions fill with qualified candidates first. The 65% default setting for the school district is set up so that new subs can select jobs once the position has been sent out to the experienced substitute lists.

  9. If you put in a last minute absence, you should not depend on the Absence Management phone system to fill this absence. The phone system will start calling subs, but the responsibility of finding the sub falls on the employee first and then secretaries always need to be working to create their own go to sub list, so that they can assist employees in filling these positions.


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