Campus User - Substitute Availability by School


Follow these instructions to generate a Substitute Availability Report by School.


  1. Sign in to Absence Management using the ID and PIN provided by the Mat-Su Borough School District.

  2. From your homepage, click on Reports and Substitute Availability.

  3. Once the Substitute Availability search screen loads you can select a date that you need a substitute to show the available subs that are willing to work at your school. You can also check the “Show Skills” box and then under the “Skills” tab, select the skills that you are looking for the sub to have.

  4. A list of available substitutes on the date that you select will come up. Under the “Sub Preferences” column, “Yes” will be displayed if the sub is available and has your school selected as a place they are willing to work at.
    1. “No” will be displayed if the sub did not select your school to sub at, but is available, so you can still call them and see if they want to work at your school.


If this did not solve your problem, click the Request Service button below to work with a technician.

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