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Absence management is a complex system that contacts substitutes automatically based on staff members absence entries. This absence management calling system informational document is broken up into 3 parts.

  • How Does Absence Calling Work?
  • Which Absences Get Called First?
  • Call Periods: When Will Absence Management Call Substitutes?

How Does Absence Calling Work?

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The absence management system has a number of features and tools which control when certain substitutes are allowed to see certain absences in the system. Before we get into the details, let's see how the principle works at its most basic level.

  • Employee enters absence
  • Absence management checks to see if sub has proper certification (skills)
    1. If the sub is not qualified, the system will not call them for this job
    2. If the sub is qualified, the system then checks the preference lists to see when the sub is allowed to see this job at this time
  • If any of the preference lists would allow this sub to see this job now, absence management will let the sub access the absence in the following ways...
    1. Sub can go online immediately to see the absence and accept it
    2. Sub can call in at 1-800-942-3767 to hear the job immediately and accept it
    3. Sub can be called by the absence management system within two nights of the absence start date/time

Which Absences Get Called First?

Absence management takes these three points into consideration when prioritizing which absences get called:

  1. The absence that starts earliest.
  2. The absence that has the fewest prior total calls.
  3. The absence that has the fewest total call cycles. (The system calls in 15 minute increments)

Call Periods: When Will Absence Management Call Substitutes?

The absence management system places calls in the morning and the evening Sunday through Thursday. On Friday, the system places calls in the morning for that day's absences but will not call out in the evening. On Saturday, absence management does not place any phone calls. On Sunday, the system calls only in the evening for Monday morning absences.

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Morning and Evening Call Periods

Absence management splits each day into two call periods: the Morning Call Period and the Evening Call Period. During the Morning Call Period, the system will only call substitutes regarding same day jobs. During the Evening Call Period, absence management will call Substitutes regarding jobs beginning in the next two days.

The system will place calls for absences that are entered during the morning call period, or the evening before the absence starts, approximately 2-5 minutes after the absence was entered into the absence management system. Otherwise, calls for absences are made at every quarter hour (:00, :15, :30, :45).


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