Device Encryption Reference


This is a reference guide for the process of having your computer encrypted and some how-to’s once it is encrypted.


Drive Encryption will protect the data on your computer in the event that it is physically lost/stolen. Data on drives that aren’t encrypted are less secure. Once your computer is encrypted, you will have to enter the encryption password each time you power it on. Protect this password – don’t share it with others or write it down.



  1. IT will install the encryption software on your computer, and then it will need to reboot.
  2. Encryption will be assigned to your computer, you will get a message within approximately 10 minutes.
    1. If your computer is capable of TPM, Sophos will ask you to reboot to enable TPM
    2. During the reboot, your computer will ask you to hit a key (such as F10) to confirm enabling TPM

      Note: this screen may look slightly different depending on your computer model.
  3. If your computer does not have TPM, or if you have already enabled it, Sophos will then prompt for an encryption password to be set:
  4. Once you enter the password twice, hit ‘Save and Restart’ button. Your computer will ask you for your new password during the startup process (as well as your normal computer login info).
  5. After you’ve logged in, there will be a status icon in the lower-right system tray showing that your drive is being encrypted:
  6. If you click on this icon you can see the percent complete of the encryption:
  7. You can continue working while your drive is encrypting, but do not reboot until it is finished. When encryption is complete, the progress window will show:

Encryption Management:

  • If you have forgotten your encryption password, contact the CallCenter, they can unlock your computer with a recovery key. You will then have to set a new encryption password.
  • If you wish to change your encryption password
    • Open your Start Menu and start typing ‘Bitlocker’.
    • Choose ‘Manage BitLocker’ from the menu.
    • Choose ‘Change PIN’ from the BitLocker window – you will need to enter your current PIN before entering your new one.
  • When you boot your computer after encryption, the screen for entering your encryption password will only stay open for one minute before your computer powers off.
    • Your computer will also power off if you enter an incorrect password 5 times.
  • If you dock your laptop, you may need to boot it off the dock first to see the encryption password screen. Once you entered the password you can re-dock it.

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