Instruction Forms


These are internal forms for the Instruction Department.
Form Name Form Description What to do with form
Activities Registration Packet *    
Alaska Performance Scholarship Appeal    
Alaska Performance Scholarship Course Eligibility  X X
Application for Consideration of Other Credit Option     
Athletic Physical Exam     
BTM Action and Support Plan  X X
BTM Documentation Form  X X
BTM Secret Service Themes     
Change of Grade Form  X X
College Coursework or College Admissions  X X
College-Level Examination Form    
Community Service Approval and Log    
Course Share Request    
Credit Check 2017 and Beyond    
Credit Check Class of 2021    
Crisis Response Parent-Guardian Interview     
Crisis Response Student of Concern Interviews  X X
Crisis Response Teacher-Staff Interviews X X
Crisis Response Witness or Other Student Interview     
Distance Delivery Approval    
Educational Travel Credit    
HS Student Aide Contract and Assessment     
Independent Study Course Proposal    
Integrated Work Experience approval log    
Letter of Recommendation    
Middle School Student Aide Contract and Assessment Form  X X
MOA for Counseling Services by Community Provider During School Day  X X
New Course Approval Form *    
NSSI Intervention Report  X X
OCS Report of Harm  X X
Off-Campus Agreement     
Out of Country Travel  X X
Out of District Travel  X X
Out of State Travel  X X
PE Other Credit and Log X X
Pilot Approval Form * X X
Request for Consideration of Extenuating Circumstances    
Request for Reallocation of FTE  X X
Request for Substitute Course Credit    
Records Request  X X
Report of Harm *    
Student Safety Plan  X X
Suicide Intervention Report  X X
Supplemental Material Approval Form *    
Test for Credit  X X
Textbook Evaluation Form * X X
Textbook Review Form *    
Transcript Review Form  X X
Transitory Impairments Accommodation Form * X X
Violence Risk Assessment     
Youth Court Service Approval and Log    


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