Class Manager Guide


The way teachers deliver instruction to accommodate the needs of their students can be handled in different ways. Teachers may:
  • Share their class with another teacher (co‐teach)
  • Give a group of students special/intensive instruction within their class
The Class Manager tool is used to manage these varying teaching scenarios by creating one of the following options. Any of the options listed allows teachers to have a different set of assignments and class resources.
  1. Part 1: Linked Classes
    1. To have a separate Grade Book for each subject taught (Homeroom Students)
  2. Part 2: Grade Book/Intervention Break Out
    1. To add students from other homerooms to your class or to maintain a separate set of assignments and grades for a group of students
    2. Maintain a separate set of assignments/grades for a group of students
      1. Uses the assignment weighting and categories of parent class.
    3. Appears in focus selector drop-down on Grade Book Main
  3. Part 3: Share Classes
    1. To share homeroom, breakout classes, and linked classes with other teachers
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