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Instructions below provide steps to log in to Milestone as another account, to browse security footage, then provides information to log back in as the default account.


  1. If you are logged in as the “Auto Login” Camera user Select key in upper right menu and log off.


  2. Verify and Change login information as follows:

    1. Server IP (Verify that the server IP is set to
      1. The “Computer” field may be set to “local Host” which will not work
    2. Click on this drop down to select “Windows authentication”
    3. AD\YourUserID
    4. Enter your password
    5. deselect Remember password
    6. Click connect
  3. Make view changes as needed
  4. Note - To save view settings, log off client then log back in. Selected views are saved at closing.
  6. After reviewing video, log off client

  7. Next log back in with the Camera user account as follows.

    1. verify server IP address
    2. Click the drop down and select “Windows authentication (current user)”
    3. select Auto-login
    4. Click connect

If this did not solve your problem, click the Request Service button below to work with a technician.

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