Filtering an Excel Sheet


When working with a large amount of information in an Excel spreadsheet, it is sometimes helpful to filter your data by column so that a smaller data set can be selected.  This can be accomplished by applying the Filtering option to the top row of your sheet. 

How to Add a Filter :

  1. Open your file in the Excel application, then click on the number next to the first row of your sheet to highlight
  2. Select the “Home” tab at the top of your menu bar on the far left, 
  3. At the far right of your Excel window, click “Sort and Filter,” then “Filter”
  4. The top row of your sheet should now have small drop-down arrows at the corner of each cell 
  5. The Menu under each of the drop-down arrows will allow you to select which items you want to see.  Objects can be sorted alphabetically, or by unchecking “select all” and re-checking a single object, then selecting OK at the bottom of the menu.  The data displayed in the sheet is now “filtered” for the objects selected and can be adjusted as needed using each of the drop-down menus. 

How to Clear a Filter :

  1. When work with a data set is complete, the filter can be cleared by returning to the drop-down menu on the column and selecting “Clear Filter from ‘Group’.” 


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