Next Year Enrollment Maintenance


After the initial new year rollover process has been completed in January maintenance will be required to maintain accurate next year enrollment records for students incoming or withdrawing from a school. These guidelines walk through the process of ensuring the next year enrollment record is accurate.
  • New/Incoming Student
  • Inactivating/Withdrawing a Student
New/Incoming Student

Once the pending registration has been processed and the student enrolled at your site the Next Grade Level and Next School fields will need to be selected on the Student screen>Other Info tab. IT will run a process that updates the next year/school of enrollment based on what is entered in these fields. If no school is selected the next year enrollment will be deleted. 

Inactivating/Withdrawing a Student

When a student is inactivated, if they have an enrollment in the future school year then the Next Year Enrollment Action that should be chosen is Delete Enrollment.  

Note: For students that have a locker assignment in the future school year you will need to remove the locker assignment when they transfer or withdraw. The locker assignment is found on the Student screen> Other Info tab. Removing this will allow the enrollment in the future school year to be updated.  


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