Query Report - How to save a Query

Open your Synergy SIS screen “QUERY” as we will copy and paste and SAVE a Query report and you can run it yourself for future access. Your personal saved Queries can be found by clicking the OPEN button.

From the Screen QUERY

  1. click on the TAB “Type in Query”
  2. CLEAR the contents “COLS” of the Query Box. Then Paste in the entire Query Values that was emailed to you.
  3. Validate the Query and should get a GREEN OK when Validated.
  4. Next SAVE this for future Reference complete the following fields before SAVE.

Include steps 4-7 of the screen shot the: NAME (unique), Group (appropriate dropdown type), Output Type, and Description. And lastly SAVE.

To RUN or VIEW a Query Report click on the “Execute” button, first run Query in “HTML” File type to VIEW Results, then can select a different File type for Printing.

NOTE: .pdf results may view/print differently than Excel (XLS) and benefits of sorting/filtering options.

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