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Updates to web browser occur automatically. Web browsers function differently based on the current version. Some technical difficulties may be resolved by updating to the newest version.


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Google Chrome


Click on the three dots in the upper right and choose Help>About Google Chrome.

Help - About Google Chrome

The version of Google Chrome is displayed in the middle of the screen. If you see an option to "Relaunch Chrome," that means the update was just completed and in order for it to take affect, click that button to close and reopen the web browser (make sure to log out of Synergy before you click Relaunch).

Google Chrome Version

Microsoft Edge


Click on the three dots at the top right of the window and choose Settings.

Accessing Edge Settings

In the General tab (which you will be brought to automatically) scroll down to find "About this App"
In the image below the Edge version is 44.17763.831.0

About this app - Edge General Settings

Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer is not being updated at this time, as this web browser is no longer supported by Microsoft.


If this did not solve your problem, click the Request Service button below to work with a technician.

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