The following items may be collected and/or required to affirm a sole source purchase in the Mat-Su Borough School District. Select at least one and no more than three of the items from the list below to justify your single-source purchase. Justification should be noted on Federal Funds Procurement by Non-Competitive Proposals Request (also known as EDGAR Noncompetitive Proposal Request, PUR10) or Exemption from Formal Bidding Requirements Request (BUSSVS15) in the appropriate text box.

  1. Written explanation from District employee and/or subject matter expert(s) clearly describing:
    • Their name, title, program experience, and why he/she is qualified to speak authoritatively on the matter.
    • Why the product or service is needed.
    • Why the propriety product or service is the only one that will work for the program OR why the selected vendor’s unique skills and/or knowledge is the best for the program.
    • Quantified potential time and/or cost impacts if the product/service were not purchased or a different vendor were selected, such as:
      • Costs to transition to another product that outweigh any potential savings.
      • Investments in the current product (i.e., training, specialized equipment, etc.) that would be lost.
      • Voiding existing equipment warranties or maintenance agreements.
      • Lack of compatibility.
      • Impacts to data/research already performed.
      • Taking longer to perform the work.
      • Needing X number of hours to reach the same level of expertise as the selected vendor, costing Y amount more.
    • Why using a competitive process is not practical.
  2. Written explanation from the vendor clearly describing:
    • They are the only source of the proprietary product or service and that they do not offer their product or service through dealers or resellers or, if they do, that the pricing through a dealer or reseller would be the same or higher; OR.
    • Their unique skill or knowledge and how they came to possess it (as presented via resume, CV, references, sample work, etc.)
  3. Any documentation and/or records that support an existing District standard.
  4. Copies of any previously approved sole source justifications directly related to the project.
  5. Documented research that demonstrates why it’s not practical to compete the services. Web search results are often used to support this.
  6. Written testimony from other vendors or third parties describing their inability to provide the same unique skill or knowledge and/or supporting the requested vendor.


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