RPC Entry for CTE Courses


Instructions for CTE Teachers to add RPC (formerly TSA) for certification test for CTE students/courses.

NOTE: We are currently working on the setup for this and appreciate your patience! If you are not finding the test you need email marla.mason@matsuk12.us and let me know your school, the course you are entering for and the test you are trying to see. 



Log into TeacherVue. You will enter the test date and the pass status for those students who passed an RPC for a course.

  1. Choose Test Score Entry under the Assessment Tab.
  2. If you know the name of the RPC (test certification) enter it in the search (image 1). You can also enter an * to get all possible RPC to choose from (image 2). 
  3. You'll see a list of students in that course. You may have to adjust the term code to get all the students enrolled at that time. (S1 or S2 should get all students for that term). Click Add/Edit and choose the date for the test/test entry. 
  4. Enter "Pass" for those students who have passed this RPC.


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