How to Setup your new iPad(s)


  • Your new iPad(s) need to join our new management system which requires you to perform a few easy steps. Once these steps are complete, the iPad will be fully enrolled and will automatically join district wireless, receive required apps, updates etc.

Please Note:

  • If you have a need for iPad App Installation, please submit a service request for iPad Apps.
  • IIf you have need or additional iPad Support, please submit a service request for iPad Hardware Support.

  • Power the device on; you will see Apple’s language select screen
  • Select “English” then “United States”
  • On the “Quick Start” screen select “Set Up Manually”
  • Now the Choose Network screen is visible select “GUEST_MSBSD”
  • The iPad will now go through its activation process – this can take a few minutes
  • Once completed you will see a “Remote Management” screen – this is a good thing! Hit “Next”
  • If you see a “Location Services” screen select “Enable Location Services; if you do not, no worries, we’ll just set it up later*
  • On the Welcome... screen, select “Get Started”
  • Your device is joining our MDM. Please wait until the background has changed before continuing – the one you’ll want to see is black with subtle pastel circles
  • Now open “Settings”, select “Wi-Fi”, click on “GUEST_MSBSD” then “Forget this network”
  • Give it a minute and you will notice that the iPad automatically joins our 8021X_MSBSD network which is exactly what we want
  • You are now complete, your app(s) will push down automatically.

*if you did not see the “enable location services” screen earlier, simply go into settings, scroll down and select “Privacy”, then “Location Services” and set it to “On” – the little box will turn green.

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