Parts to the process

  1. ParentVUE - Parent applies
  2. Lottery Application Queue Screen - School office staff verifies, approves or denies applicants
  3. Lottery Engine Screen - Process to tumble approved applicants randomly, or based on factors such as grade or other conditions as defined by the school. Creates Placed and Waitlisted students.

Applications will be in one of these status throughout the process:

Lottery Application Queue Screen
  1. 1 = Pending - App is in Lottery Application Queue waiting to be Approved or Denied
  2. 2 = Approved - App is in Lottery Application Queue and Approved to move to Lottery Engine
  3. 3 = Denied - App is in Lottery Application Queue and Denied to move to Lottery Engine
Lottery Engine Screen
  1. 4 = Placed - App has run through Lottery Engine and student has gained placement
  2. 5 = Waitlist - App has run through Lottery Engine and student isi waitlisted. They may gain placement in future lottery runs, if slots open.
  1. 6 = Parent Accepted - Parent has accepted student placement.
  2. 7 = Parent Declined - Parent has declined student placement OR waitlist.


Parent will fill out the Online Registration (OLR) for desired Lottery and submit via ParentVUE.

Lottery Application Queue

Where school sees applications submitted and approves or denies applications.

Lottery Engine & Other Lottery Screens

Place and Waitlist students by running the Lottery Engine.

After Parent Acceptance - Registration Queue

When parents accept placement an application is complete and the student moves to the Registration Queue.

Parent Notification & Emailing Tips

Notify parents as you process student or export from the Queue and use Blackboard.

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