Add Network Printer


This document is for both Windows 10.

Navigate to Devices and Printers:


Windows 10: The Method of access will vary depending on what update version of Windows 10 installed. See below for 3 various methods to get to the Devices and Printers menu.

  • On Keyboard hit Windows Key and in search type: Devices and Printers
  1. Users can Right-Click Start Button and select “Settings” and go to “Devices”. Then can choose “Devices and Printers” under the related Settings” on the Right.


From here adding a printer is the same on all Windows computers

  1. Select Add Printer or Scanner - it will scan and list printers
  2. Click The printer that I want isn’t listed. It will be a link towards the end of the list of printers.
  3. Choose Find a printer in the directory, >Next
  4. Type your school three letter acronym in name> Find Now>
  5. From the list of available printers select your desired printer, confirm location and DOUBLE CLICK the printer. Print drivers will automatically load.
  6. To make the printer your default printer open Device and Printers, right click the newly added printer, and select Set as Default






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