Printer: Troubleshoot/Move/Replace


Use this service if you experience hardware issues with your printer (i.e. error codes on the LCD display) or would like to have a printer relocated.  MSBSD IT will assist in diagnosing hardware issues but will not perform hardware repairs.  To request a quote see the service IT Hardware Quotes

Features and Benefits:

Gain assistance in diagnosing printer hardware malfunction and advice on cost effectiveness of repairs. Start the process for a printer relocation.

Authorized Users:

District printing services are available to all staff and student users.

Request Process:

  • Select Request Service from the menu on the right.
  • Fill out the form with as much information as you can provide.
More detail is appreciated and allows for faster resolution.

User Responsibilities:

  • Provide a "Short Description" of the issue. This will become the title of the Service Request and the title of any related emails.
  • Provide a "Detailed Description" of the issue.
  • Regular maintenance, such as toner cartridge changes, clearing paper jams, and routine cleaning are the responsibility of the site.
More detail is better than less. For example, if the issue ONLY happens when a specific action is performed this would allow for faster and better troubleshooting.

Requirements and Prerequisites:

  • Name of printer
  • Description of the error
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