Requisition Entry - Duplicating Requisitions


  • Review Board Policies 3300 through 3315 for information on purchasing items.  Board Policies can be found on the Mat-Su Borough School District webpage.
  • MSBSD uses custom forms in Requisition Entry. Select the form you want to use by clicking “Switch Form” in the Requisition Entry toolbar icon. For Requisitions that are sent to vendors, use MSD_REQ.
  • Use ALL CAPS when entering requisitions.


  1. Open Requisition Entry (Tyler Menu > Departmental Functions > Requisition Entry). Click SEARCH in the Icon Toolbar and type in the number of the Requisition you want to copy. 
  2. Click ACCEPT. The Requisition will load.

  3. In the Icon tool bar, click COPY.

  4. Verify the correct Fiscal Year is selected, choosing “N” for “Next Fiscal Year” if necessary. Then click ACCEPT. The Requisition will duplicate, with an updated Requisition Number for the Fiscal Year selected. 
  5. To update the General Description, Vendor information, or Shipping & Billing Information, click UPDATE. Make your necessary changes, then click ACCEPT.
  6. To review line details, click LINE ITEMS.

  7. On the Line Items screen, click UPDATE to make changes to a line. Click ACCEPT after changes have been made. Use the black arrows at the bottom of the screen to click between line items. 
  8. Click ADD to add a new line item. Enter line information and click ACCEPT to save. 
  9. After reviewing all lines, click BACK.

  10. If the Requisition Status does not automatically change to 4-Allocated, click ALLOCATE to allocate the line items to the entered account codes.

  11. Click RELEASE. The Requisition will go through the established workflow for approval.


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