Pick Ticket Entry


  • Two types of Requisitions can be entered: to purchase items from vendors and to the District Warehouse for Custodial Supplies and paper (called a “Pick Ticket”).
  • Please use all caps when entering pick tickets and requisitions.


  1. Open Requisition Entry (Menu > Departmental Functions > Requisition Entry) and click SWITCH FORM in the top right-hand corner to ensure you are using the WHSE_REQ form.

  2. Click ADD.

  3. Tab through the MAIN and SHIPPING / BILLING Sections.
    1. Ensure the Fiscal Year and shipping information is correct.
    2. Enter your email address.
    3. If desired, use the “Reference” field for additional instructions or notes. 
  4. Click ACCEPT.

  5. The Line Items screen will load. (If the Line Items screen does not load, click LINE ITEMS in the icon toolbar.) If a line is not automatically added, click ADD to add a new line on the requisition.  Note that it adds a line number in the “Requisition” section. 
  6. In the “Detail” section:
    1. Enter the “Quantity.”
    2. Type in the “Inventory Item” or click the FIELD HELP Icon.
    3. TAB through the remainder of the “Detail” section. The description and price will auto-fill.

  7. TAB to the “Miscellaneous” field. These fields are not required and can be left blank.

  8. TAB to the “Account Code” section. In the “Account Code” section:
    1. Enter the Account Code or use FIELD HELP TO choose from a list. The available budget displays below the account code section.
    2. Tab to AMOUNT.
    3. Split requisitions between more than one account if necessary. To enter another account code, TAB to the next Account Code line.

  9. Click ACCEPT to save the account code and Requisition line.

  10. To add more requisition lines, click ADD and repeat steps 7-10. Click ACCEPT.

  11. When all lines have been added, click BACK.

  12. The Requisition status will change to 4-Allocated. On the main Requisition screen, review all information and line items. If necessary, click UPDATE to make changes. Click LINE ITEMS > UPDATE to update line items.

  13. Click RELEASE from the Menu section of the Icon Toolbar. The status changes to 6-Released and the Requisition will go through the approval workflow.

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