PO Inquiry


  • PO Inquiry allows you to look up Purchase Orders by Department number, Fiscal Year, Period, Vendor, and more.


  1. Open Purchase Order Inquiry (Tyler Menu > Departmental Functions > Purchase Order Inquiry). Click on SEARCH in the Icon Tool Bar.

  2. The search screen loads. Enter your Search criteria in the PO Inquiry Find screen, such as Dept/Loc., Fiscal Year, PO Number, Status (8 = Printed / Open), or Vendor number. You may search on more than one field at a time.

  3. Click ACCEPT in the Icon Tool Bar or “Enter” on your keyboard.

  4. Search result(s) will load on the main Purchase Order Inquiry Screen. If multiple records load based on your search criteria, use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to click through the results until you reach the record in question.

  5. Click BROWSE in the Icon Tool Bar to see a list of the records.


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