Mandated Training Reports


As the system of record for completing mandated trainings, generate reports regularly in SafeSchools to check for staff completion.


  1. Open the Safe School website ( or MSBSD website > Employee Quick Links > Safe Schools). Enter your Active Directory username and password (the credentials used to sign into your work computer). Click “Sign-In.”

  2. Select “Reports” in the top menu.

  3. Select the “Reports” tab in the top menu again.

  4. In “Quick Reports”, select the report to generate and timeframe (“School Year-to-Date”).

  5. Click “GENERATE REPORT.” The report will open with Excel.

  6. Select “Compliance by Person” to run more detailed reports. Select the options then click “Generate” to view the report.
    1. Select Detail Level: Summarize by Person to see an overview.
    2. Select Detail Level: Summarize by Person and Course to see which specific courses are complete and which ones are not.

  7. The report populates in the Internet window and can be exported to Excel.


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