ADM Conference Rooms


This page provides information on booking the ADM Conference Rooms and reserving requested support, as well as Reserving MSBSD vehicles.

To book the conference room for use (Best practice)

  1. Include the conference room and Call Center in your appointment.
    1. Create an appointment that you send out to all of your attendees. Include the ADM Conf Rm (#) as an attendee to your appointment.This will automatically add the conference room in the location line.
    2. If you need will need Technical Support, include as an attendee to your appointment. This will create a Service Request that requires the following information. If this information is provided sooner, technicians will be better-able to provide greater technical support.
      Note: If you do not provide this info in your appointment you will receive a follow up request via the TDX ticket system.
      1. Phone number of the main contact person.
      2. Identification of which Admin Building conference room is being used.
      3. Actual start time of the event.
      4. Approximate end time of the event.
      5. Will there be need for:
        1. Handheld microphone
        2. Lapel microphone
        3. Projector
        4. TV Displays
      6. Will the laptop on the podium be used? (Yes/No).
      7. List any special considerations and/or accommodations.
      8. Main contact person, if other than originator
      9. Number of people attending
    3. Don’t book closer than 30 min from another event to allow for set-up/take down of that meeting.
    4. DO NOT book room for all day use, you must have a start and stop time.
      1. This doesn’t provide enough detail
      2. This doesn’t allow for the auto accept to work properly and your meeting could be double booked.
  2. This will allow you to change the room and time as you need. It will change the appointment for the room as well as inform your attendees at the same time.
  3. The appointments will be automatically accepted or rejected as the room is open.

Custodial Support

  1. Email Facility Use Supervisor if you have an event with more than 50 people attending so that custodial support can be provided.
  2. If your meeting is entered less than 48 hours prior to the event. We will do our best to get you custodial coverage.

Reserve Admin Van

  1. Create a new Meeting and include “ADM Vehicle” as an attendee for the meeting.
  2. Enter in the subject the intended use for the vehicle.
  3. Include start and end times, DO NOT BOOK FOR ENTIRE DAY.
  4. The Meeting will be automatically accepted or rejected.

If you need assistance requesting Board Room Support, click the Request Service button below to work with a technician.

Request Service: Email issues


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