Sign Into Microsoft OneDrive


  • Locate, Login and Use Microsoft OneDrive.



  1. Click on the up arrow in the task tray near the time and date. locate and click the grey cloud. 
  2. When you see the window that OneDrive isn’t connected, click SIGN IN. 
  3. Use your network ID and sign in (Use network password if prompted). 
  4. Now the application will start to sync your files from the computer to the cloud storage OneDrive, click NEXT. 
  5. Default is to sync all files on your and then they will be accessible from other computers or a mobile device. Click NEXT. 
  6. Click the forward arrows to get the mini tour and then click OPEN MY ONEDRIVE FOLDER at the end to see your files in windows explorer. 
  7. When complete the OneDrive cloud in the task tray should turn blue. 


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Wed 5/1/19 12:08 PM
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