Substitute Teacher Slip Printing


This KB will show how to assign Subs a log in for the day.

Substitute Teacher Slip:

Front Office Staff - Please follow the instructions below to generate a substitute login for a teacher absent for the day.

  1. Navigate to Synergy SIS > Staff > Substitute Teacher Assignment
  2. Filter the Date to the date in which you need to generate a substitute login for
    1. Click on: Go To Date
  3. For the teachers that are absent, input a checkmark in the Requires Sub column
  4. The system automatically generates a password that is visible in the Password column
  5. You can use the Common Substitute Password field to input a password that ALL subs would use for that day
    1. The ‘Generate Common Substitute Password for Me’ will input a system‐generated password that all subs will use for the selected day
  6. Once all teachers are marked as needed, click Save (you can select all teachers at once)
  7. To generate PDF Copies that can be distributed of the teacher’s schedule and the login information click on: Print Sub Slips

Sample Sub Slip:


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Mon 8/26/19 5:18 PM

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