Substitute Teacher Guide


This KB will show Subs how to log into Synergy and take attendance.

Substitute Guide

Please follow the instructions below to login as a substitute using the Substitute Teacher Slip

  1. Navigate to SynergyLive ( > Employee Quick Links > SynergyLive)
  2. On the login page, click on: Substitute Teacher Login
  3. Follow the Prompts:
    1. Select School you are subbing at
    2. Select the teacher name on your sub slip
    3. Input your Email Address (For emergency notifications)
    4. Input the password provided on your Sub Slip

  1. Upon login, you will see the teachers seating chart and any sub notes that have been entered on the right side. The system focuses to the current period
    1. To change to a different period click on the Period Dropdown/Class Focus Menu
  2. To take attendance, click on the YELLOW Attendance button
  3. In attendance taking mode, you can click on student pictures to mark them Excused, Unexcused, Excused Tardy, Unexcused Tardy
  4. Click Save (If no students are absent, click Save to mark all students present)


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