Website Issues


SchoolWires is the software that hosts the district website.  Schools are able to control the access to their website and who can edit the main pages. 

Features and Benefits:

The school district provides a main website for the schools and a home page for all teachers.

Authorized Users:

The systems that this provides access to are active while the individual is working as an employee of MSBSD.

Request Process:

  • All teachers should get a home page by default. 
  • If you have issues getting to your home page contact your web master at your school.  If you are unsure of who this is contact your Admin Sec.
  • If you still have issues please enter a request for service on the top right.
More detail is appreciated and allows for faster resolution.

User Responsibilities:

  • All staff will keep their page up to date with a minimum standard as defined by Instruction
More detail is better than less. For example, if the issue ONLY happens when a specific action is performed this would allow for faster and better troubleshooting.

Requirements and Prerequisites:

The page doesn't take much to edit, generally there is a editor that is fairly easy to use and a lot of help tools available. 

Request Service


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Thu 2/8/18 2:13 PM
Tue 1/17/23 11:29 AM