Additional Access Request


This page is for and Administrator or Admin Sec to request access for Blackboard, Contractor, TripTracker, SEAS, UAP account. 

Features and Benefits:

If you feel that more access is needed use the different forms below.

Authorized Users:

Administrators or Admin Sec can request this access for anyone who is an employee.

Request Process:

  • Please use the service request on this page for the following:
    • Blackboard, Finalsite webmaster, Contractor, TripTracker, SEAS, UAP
  • To request additional Blackboard rights for a school staff member enter a request and include full staff name and what you need the staff to be able to do (remove limitation to 10 recipients, promote from Teacher/Staff to School Admin)
  • To request rights or a user account for a contractor, enter a service request and include contractor's full name, what access they need and their phone number‚Äč. Please note: Contractor accounts will be disabled at the end of the current Fiscal Year.
  • For additional rights to MUNIS, please email the Director of Finance.
  • For additional rights in Synergy SIS please use the SIS Task Access service request.
    • This would include other duties as assigned; 504, Course History, Discipline, MTSS, OLR
  • For rights problems and lost rights in Synergy SIS please use the Synergy SIS Issue request. 
  • For Co-Curricular, Building Sub or Extended Staff Lenel access, use Lenel Access Request  (only Principals and Admin Sec can request this access).
  • For access as a staff to Student Activity software SchoolPay please use the Student Activity Access request. 
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