Bell Schedule Definition

Overview: Bell Schedule Definitions

  •  Found in Pad Tree: Synergy SIS > Schedule > Setup > Bell Schedule Definition
  •  Seconday Schools have a DEFAULT Bell Schedule, and links to the School Calendar. NOTE: Already setup for you at beginning of school year.
  •  Determine's the period meeting length of time for each period and/or rotation cycle for the day that will meet for that days schedule.
  •  You may create a CUSTOM non-Default Bell Schedule for Special Days or Periods meeting pattern
  •  Directly sync's with the APP KioskVUE for students as time of day prints on Tardy Slips reciept for a specifc Period when checking in at that time of day.


Secondary regardless if rotating schedule or not has a Code. Using this “Bell Schedule Definition Code” this is then set on the “School Calendar” for the corresponding day of the Week for the entire school year calendar. This is already setup before school starts in beginning of each school year.

However you can modify this Bell Schedule and/or build new definitions.

When special event days do not follow the default bell schedule, you can define another new bell schedule in the “Bell Schedule Definition” screen.

example: “Extended 2nd Pd Advisory”, “Testing Day”, “Assemble Thursday”, “Extended Advisory Wednesday”, etc.

After creating a NEW Bell Schedule definition, will need to also Edit the School Calendar. Adding a new CODE on the day to apply new definition meeting pattern. Going then to School Calendar modify the Default Bell Schedule code on specific day with New Bell Schedule Code. Screen shot below.

This Bell Schedule links directly with the KioskVUE APP for the Students Period Schedule, Meeting on that Time of Day and Time Stamp that will print on the KioskVUE printed receipt. NOTE: When a Student has no Schedule, or the Bell Schedule meeting Time of day is not meeting a Student will not be able to log into KioskVUE App to report any Absence/Tarty. It is actively checking by the Current time of day when allowing any student to a meeting Period or not.


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