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  • This article contains Setup Instructions for the KioskVUE application and Printer; the guide for secretary, student, and parent use; Troubleshooting steps; and Supply cost information.
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Initial Configuration Settings

URL Address:  click TEST Connection

IT will configure the App for you, below is information on how the App is initially set up for your use.

  1. App Settings are configured in "Preferences"
    Admin Landing Page KioskVUE - Preferences
  2. Tardy - This tab is used to hide or set the options for Tardy Check In on the Self-Service screen.
    KioskVUE Preferences - Tardy

    Tardy Settings Descriptions
  3. ID Card - This tab is used to hide or set the options for the Print Student ID Card option on the Self-Service screen.
    1. Note: ID Card is not used at this time
      KioskVUE Preferences - ID Card​​​​

      ID Card Settings Descriptions

  4. OLR - This tab is used to hide or set the options for the Add OLR Documents option on the Self-Service screen.
    KioskVUE Preferences - OLR

    OLR Settings Descriptions
  5. Discipline - This tab is used to hide or set the options for Detention Check In.
    1. Note: Discipline is not used at this time
      KioskVUE Preferences - Discipline

      Discipline Settings Descriptions
  6.  Early Dismissal Check Out - This tab is used to hide or set Early Dismissal options. The feature is designed to input a departure time for the current period during the day. This is so that the minutes for that student are correct even though they weren't necessarily "absent" for the full period. Due to the possibility of the student returning to school later in the day, the subsequent periods are not automatically marked with an absence code. It would remain the responsibility of the teacher to mark the student absent in the periods that they aren't in class.
  7. Printer - This tab is used to configure blue tooth printer for use of printing Tardy slips.
    1. See Troubleshooting for help with printer configuration steps, if the printer is not connected.
      KioskVUE Preferences - Printer
  8. Click close on the bottom right to exit the Preferences.



Morning process

  1. Each morning you may need to power on the Bixolon Printer and iPad. As the printer is supplying the power for the iPad, you may need to turn it on first.
  2. The initial login screen is for the Secretary to access the Administrator Access screen. A Secretary II will need to log in here before a student can enter a Tardy, or a parent can upload documents to OLR.
    Secretary Login to KioskVUE App
  3. Once logged in, you can select Kiosk Self-Service, which takes you to the Kiosk Self-Service landing page, where students will enter tardies and parents can upload OLR documents.
    Secretary landing page KioskVUE - Kiosk Self-Service
  4. If needed, to get back to the Administrator Access screen (for preferences, or to logout), click "Administrator Access" on the bottom left of the student landing page.
    KioskVUE Student Landing page - Administrator Access
  5. You will be required to enter the Administrator password to return.


Entering a Tardy

  1. On the Self-Service landing page, select "Tardy Check In."
    KioskVUE Main service Landing page
  2. Select a Login method to print a tardy slip.
    1. If selecting "Scan your Student ID" you must have a badge with a legible ID bar code.
      Note: Life Touch ID's are not guaranteed to work at this time. There is a patch to be pushed out during Spring Break that would allow all ID Badges to work.
    2. The recommended login type at this time is "Use your StudentVUE Login."
      Tardy Login Methong - StudentVUE Login
  3. The student will then be brought to the StudentVUE login screen. They will enter their Network Login to log in to StudentVUE, then click Login.
    (Example - User Name: AB12345; Password: Student's computer password).
    KioskVUE app - StudentVUE login screen
  4. The absence is entered and the student sees a screen stating their attendance has been updated.
    KioskVUE - Student Attendance Updated
  5. A Tardy slip prints, attendance and arrival time are updated in Synergy.
    Printed tardy slip


Adding a document to OLR

  1. On the Self-Service landing page, select Add OLR Documents.
    KioskVUE Self-Service Add OLR Documents
  2. The parent will then be brought to the ParentVUE login screen. They will enter their ParentVUE credentials to log in to ParentVUE, then click Login.
    Note: This is the same user name and password that they created to register their students for school.
    KioskVUE OLR ParentVUE Login

  3. Once logged in, they will be required to select which student they are uploading documents for.
    KioskVUE OLR Documents - Select a Student
  4. They can then choose what type of document they would like to upload for their student, based on the required and optional document types available to upload. Simply click the blue "+" on the far right of the document name.
    Note: Custodial Documents cannot be uploaded by the parent in this way.
    OLR Documents - Student Document Type
  5. They can then select the Camera icon to be brought to the iPad's Camera application.
    OLR Select Camera to take pitcure
  6. Click the Home button on the iPad to take a picture. If they don't like the picture of the file, or it is too blurry, they can tap "Retake" on the bottom left to try again. Once they have a clear picture of the document, they can select "Use Photo" on the bottom right.
    Example Image
  7. They are then brought back to the image selection screen, if the document is more than one page they can click the camera icon to take multiple images, once all images are added, click attach on the top right. 
    Note: If they have accidentally added an image that they would like to remove, they can hold the image for one second and then a "remove photo" button will appear. They should remove any images from this screen, before clicking attach.
    Attach images
  8. Once they upload the document, it is saved to the student's file, and they are unable to attach another document of the same type to the student's file. They can select another Document to attach images to.
    Student Document Attached
  9. When done, click "Return" to access the student selection screen, and then click "Return" again to be logged out of ParentVUE and get back to the KioskVUE Self-Service landing page.

School Customization

School Setup screen

You can make the school setting different than the district settings. You can customize a note to print at the bottom of your Re-Admit slips. You can also set a Title for for Code Group 1 Absent Totals that print on the Re-Admit slip. Code Group 1 correlates to the School Attendance Reasons Grid at the bottom.

  1. Navigate to Synergy SIS>System>Setup>School Setup
  2. Select the Mobile Apps tab
  3. Define the AdminVUE Setup
    • Enter the text in the Note to be printed on AdminVUE Re-Admit Slip field to include a note on Re-Admin slipes. For example, Grading period 3 is ending on Sept 30, 2020.
    • Enter text in the filed to enter titles for Code Group 1 and Code Group 2. For example, Total Tardy or Total Absent.KioskVUE Printer Preferences - Select Printer
  4. Click Save

You can set your school default absence and tardy as either Excused or Unexcused.

  1. Navigate to Synergy SIS>System>School Attendance Code
  2. Set Default Absence Code and Default Tardy Code

KioskVUE Preferences Discover a Printer


Printer Issues

Troubleshooting Printer Difficulties

Sometimes the printer will disconnect from blue tooth, if this happens follow the instructions below.

  1. If you are on the Self-Service screen, select "Administrator Access" and enter the Administrator password to return to the Administrator Landing page.
    Self-Service Landing page - Administrator Access
  2. On the Administrator Landing page click Preferences to access the Printer Preferences.
    KioskVUE Administrator Landing page - Preferences
  3. In preferences, click the Printer tab. Here you may see that no printer is selected, or the message "Printer not connected" below the Printer Type drop down.
    KioskVUE Preferences - Printer
  4. Select the Bixolon printer from the Printer Type drop down and make sure Printer Paper Size is set at 3 inch, then tap "Select Printer"
    KioskVUE Printer Preferences - Select Printer
  5. Tap "Click here to discover A Printer"
    KioskVUE Preferences Discover a Printer
  6. You then see the MAC Address and related fields populate with data from the printer. Tap Preferences on the top left corner, to return to the settings screen.
    1. You can also Test, Cut, or Feed paper from the printer on this screen.
      Return to Printer Preferences
  7. You can Test Print to confirm the configuration. Then tap "Close" to return to the Administrator Access Landing page.
    Printer Connected
  8. On the Administrator Access screen, tap Kiosk Self-Service to get back to the Self-Service page so a student can enter a Tardy.
    KioskVUE Self-Service link


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