Konica Minolta Service and Supply Instructions


Overview of the processes to request Service and Supplies for the Konica Minolta Printer/Copier Machines in service in the District.

How to request Service

  1. SERVICE  via 1-800-456-5664
    1. Call the 1-800 number if the call is extremely urgent and needs immediate attention.
    2. At the prompt hit "1" for service call.
    3. Wait for the prompt to dial "0" for a live customer service rep.
    4. When she/he is on the line, give them the 8 digit service ID on the front of the machine in need and let them know the problem and its urgency.
      1. Please note the service call number.
    5. Call Jonal Machos, Senior Account Executive (if the need is urgent) and give him the service call ID number and he will escalate it on his end with the KM service department in Anchorage and with the technician. His number is at 907-460-1057.
  1. SERVICE via MyKMBS.com
    1. Use MyKMBS.com for service calls that will not need immediate attention (i.e. machine is running and needs some attention as soon as possible).
    2. Log into your MyKMBS account at https://www.mykmbs.com/
      1. (If the school doesn't have one, call  Jonal Machos, Senior Account Executive at 907-460-1057).
    3. Click the Service Icon on the screen for service.
    4. Locate the serial number of the machine in need and click on it.
    5. Write the description of the problem in the box and submit.
    6. Write down the service call ID number.

How to request Supplies

  1. Supply Instructions via 1-800-456-5664
    1. Hit "2" for supply order.
    2. Wait for the "0” prompt for live customer service rep.
    3. Provide the 8 digit service number on the front of the machine.
    4. Let them know the supplies you need (toner*, staples, waste toner box).
      1. Write down the supply order number.
  1. How to request Supply Instructions via MyKMBS.com
    1. Log into MyKMBS.com
      1. https://www.mykmbs.com/
    2. Touch the Icon for supplies.
    3. Select the serial number of the machine in need.
    4. From the supply list select items and quantity.
    5. Submit and write down supply order number.

Please Note:

  1. Shipment will come from the Anchorage Branch (2-3 days) or if out of stock form the Huntington Beach CA warehouse (5-7 days).
  2. Always order supplies (toners) when the spare has gone into the machine.
  3. The toner levels can be checked via the Web Interface which is bookmarked on the school's admin secretary's computer. (Paper drawer levels, toner levels and machine status can be checked via the machine's web page.)
  4. The 9xx and 7xx series should ALWAYS have 2 spare toners on the shelf. The C2xx, C4xx and C3xxx series should have 2 black and 1 of each color on the shelf as spares. The 3xx, 4xx, and 5xx series should have 1 or 2 on the shelf.
  5. If, by chance, the spares are used and no spare toners are on the shelf and the machine is out of toner, call the 1-800 number (as described above) and order the toners. Order those supplies as WILL CALL to the Anchorage Branch.
  6. When this is done, call Jonal Machos, Senior Account Executive at 907-290-7391 and give him the supply order number. He will work to try and get the toners out to the school the quickest way possible, either personally or via the technician.