How to use the Community Use Calendar


Navigate to the Community Use home page in the Facilities Department pages.

Calendar Filter - use filters to choose parameters.

  1. In this example we will look at events from the MSBSD Summer Projects organization at Iditarod for the month of June.
    1. MSBSD Summer Projects organization: Click the binoculars and use the Quick Search to find organization. You do not have to type the entire name in. Click on the name of the organization to choose it.

    2. Iditarod Elementary: Choose school in Dropdown

    3. June: Filter for the start date of June 1

    4. Click the Filter Button to start the search.

  2. You can also use the quick icons if you don't need to filter by organization or date.


Article ID: 50488
Fri 3/16/18 12:50 PM
Tue 4/24/18 2:16 PM