Surplus Process


MSBSD encourages schools to make unneeded items available to other schools and departments through the in-District surplus process.

  • Forward surplus emails to staff at your location if you feel they’d be interested in an item.
  • The Warehouse will review surplus emails. If items are not eligible for surplus, due to their funding source, use, etc., you will be notified.
  • Items not claimed within two weeks, should be labeled for delivery to the Warehouse. Email to arrange for transport.
  • You may create an Outlook rule to automatically file surplus emails into a folder. Follow the instructions in the related KB to the right to set up Outlook rules.
  • Questions? Email


  1. Using your smart phone or other device, take a picture of the item(s) for surplus.
  2. Email or upload the photo(s) to your school computer.
  3. Open a new email from Outlook.
    1. Attach the image to an email.
    2. In the To: field, type
    3. Enter a subject (such as “Science Tables”)
    4. Add a brief description of the item(s).
    5. Send the email.
  4. Wait for email responses.
  5. After items have been claims, label each surplus item/box with where that item/box should be moved.
  6. Email with the following information to arrange for the transport of your items:
    1. Item description
    2. Location within the school
    3. Where the item is going


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