Risk Management Forms


These are internal forms for the Risk Management Department.
Form Name Form Description What to do with form
702A Student Incident Injury Report     
Art Catalogue Sheet    
Bomb Threat Checklist  X X
Bona Fide Offer of Employment     
Building Walkthrough     
Certificate of Insurance Request  X X
Duress Operation Checklist     
Emergency Operation Plan    
Exposure Incident Report Form     
Facility Use Indemnity Agreement     
Generic Incident Report  X X
Hold Harmless Agreement - General     
Hold Harmless Agreement - Volunteer     
Ice Cleat Order Form  X X
Lockdown Operation Checklist     
Myers, Stevens & Toohey Student Insurance Accident and Sickness *    
Myers, Stevens & Toohey Student Insurance Short Term Coverage     
Myers, Stevens & Toohey Student Insurance Worldwide Short-Term Travel *    
Parent Insurance Acknowledgement     
Parent Student Tranpsortation     
Participant Agreement, Liability Release, and Assumption of Risk    
Physician's Written Opinion     
Post-Exposure Evaluation and Follow-Up  X X
PPE Checklist     
Private Transportation Release of Liability     
Report of Property Loss or Damage  X X
Request for Camera Footage  X X
Request for Camera Footage Release     
Site Specific Exposure Information     
Student Incident Injury Report     
Student Permission Slip to Participate     
Vehicle Accident Report  X X
Visitor Sign In and Hold Harmless Agreement  X X
WC Employee Report of Occupational Injury or Illness 6100 - MSBSD *    
WC Return to Work Authorization  X X
WC Supervisor Incident Injury Report  X X


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