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  • Victoria Killian (Facility Coordinator) receives all requests and activates all schedules
  • Robert Marlowe (Energy Manager) programs automation. If you want to confirm an event or once event is happening and there is a problem, call him at 907-354-0348.

Regular School Day Event:

  1. No Brightly Event needed for this timeframe. When do I need to put an event in?
    1. Any event in at your facility outside of the schoolday.
    2. Any event on a No Kid Day (Conference days/PD Days). Generally, these days are entered as days you can’t hold events. You can contact Victoria if you need to hold an event on these days.

Automation Scheduling:

  1. Heat comes on 1 hour before Setup and turns off at event end
  2. Lights/Parking lights come on ½ hour before setup and 1 hour after event end

Facility Use AR1330:

  1. AR1330 is linked to in the Community Use webpage.
  2. Building Use is $50/hr and Custodial Fee is $25/hr for outside groups.  Check fee schedule for the fees during the weekday hours.  There is a waiver request available for bldg. fee if approved by the Assistant Superintendent, but MUST pay Custodial fee. Victoria will add custodian if it is necessary. Must have custodian/employee outside of open hours.

Notes in Event Description:

  1. Put any special notes in Event Description when submitting (or if through Arbiter in Notes) i.e.
    1. No fans for a concert or event like the paper airplane contest
    2. Tourney or Game or Practice?  Big rivalry game? Note it so they know to start automation
    3. Long set up time where you don’t need automation?  Let them know.
    4. Room not in room list – put it here
    5. SLEEPOVER?  Always put sleepover in the description

Recurrence Event:

  1. Don’t use daily, it will be every day for the range of time. Includes Sat and Sun
    1. On weekly, recur every “ weeks.  This is NOT the total number of weeks the event will be held. It is the number of weeks between the event. Every other week would be recur every 2 weeks.
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